Inspire learners with XSoft Online Education

XSoft Education can seamlessly integrate with XSoft Web Office


Powerful web-based dashboard where you can set up and manage all your classes from one place and create class work for students.

Teacher & Student Modules

Teacher and students can login in order to view class information and communicate important information on the stream page.

Connect to Meetings

Enable face-to-face connections with students using Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams links built into classroom information.


Communicate important announcements or information to students anywhere.


Allow students to submit their work and track progress without having to carry stacks of paper around.


Ask questions to students to measure knowledge gains quickly allowing teachers to adapt to student needs.


Teachers can provide online course materials that can be accessed by students 24 hour a day every day...


It only takes minutes to create a quiz to check student skills and understanding on any subject.


Students can check their knowledge through online exams and stay informed about their performance and results.

Report Cards

Always stay informed about students results and performance on all assigned work.


Accelerate grading by processing real-time assignments, questions, quizzes and exams while still providing personalized feedback...


Archiving a class prevents any modification while having that information for future reference.